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Project OPVK - CZ.1.07/1.2.06/02.0009

by Josef Maxa last modified 2014-06-03 14:50

Implementation of mutlimedial interactive methods in the area of European Union focused on education of thinking in European relations for the education of mentally handicapped pupils


Description of the project:
To achieve the highest level in educating pupils with specific educational needs there was found, among the teachers working with mentally disturbed and multiple disabled pupils, the demand for an interactive teaching tool focusing on the EU issues and the environmental politics. The aim of the project is to create the multimedia tutorial about the EU and environmental politics with the inclusion of methodology for users.  Multidisciplinary solver´s team, consisting of specialist in the EU, environmental politics, special education and information technology will participate in creating the tutorial. Within the frame of the multimedia interactive tutorial two thematic fields will be elaborated - “Open Europe – education towards thinking in the European context” and “Use all your senses, we are the part of nature” with 8 thematic topics. MIVP will be tested during the education of the mentally disturbed and multiple disabled pupils. Then it will be offered and distributed to all schools for pupils with these handicaps in South Bohemian Region.

Responsible person:  Ing. Petra Pártlová, Ph.D.


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